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Megasoundlab is currently expanding with more content from game sound designers in the video game industry. If you have excellent sound design skills and need a home to sell your masterpieces, we want to hear from you.  Become as our music content creator and share your own game sample packs and sound effects with the world while earning money at the same time!


An exclusive Content Creator enjoys the benefit of a higher pay rate of up to 70%. This is ideal for those who have a collection of game sound effects that wants to submit audio only once. Exclusive content creators also have a higher chance of their product being featured on the front page which means more potential revenue for you!     A non-exclusive Content Creator’s pay rate   climbs up to 30%. This is a great solution for those who already have sound effects submitted elsewhere, but want to increase potential income through Megasoundlab game audio effects library. Non-exclusive libraries will       be featured occasionally, but to a lesser degree.

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