About us

Our service is the online sound library with instant download to specialize in producing all original game sounds specifically designed for the emerging world of interactive and online media.

Sound library specializes in generating state-of-the-art, professional sound content for games, web sites, online entertainment, apps and virtual user-interfaces.

Quality sound will enhance and distinguish your product or production from others, as well as providing a more enjoyable experience for your users.

For more information about our royalty-free sound effects collections, please visit Megasoundlab library.

If your need custom game sounds for your video game, please contact us with your project audio specs.

What we can:

Sound Design:

  • Creation of one-shot and looping sfx.
  • Game audio implementation using FMOD designer.
  • Audio asset management, scheduling, production.

Music production:

  • Composition of one-shot, looping and adaptive music.
  • Original music scoring.
  • Music implementation and consultation.

Foley and field recording:

  • Custom Foley recording.
  • Field and location recording.
  • Editing and post production.